Carmi Gallo Front Page

Production Designer Carmi Gallo is a visual storyteller. She has designed an impressive variety of films and television programs. The following “selected credits” represent her creative diversity.

Whether the budget is large or small, for film, television or stage, her innate attention to detail does not waiver in the collaborative process of bringing to life the writer’s and director’s vision.

Carmi’s many years of traveling abroad and her exposure to many colorful cultures has attributed to her extensive design training and experience.

With a fine-arts, marketing, graphic-design, architectural and textile design background, Carmi has applied those myriad artistic elements to every production she has worked on.

Also trained in acting, it has proven to be an invaluable skill in the design process for each scripted character. Carmi has exhibited her own fine art and won a mixed media award.

Her unique textile designs have been applied to fine art, clothing and home décor which are included in the “Catalogue for Ontario Textile Artists” for educational purposes.

She continues to be very supportive of the arts by including works of various artists as part of the overall set dressing and architectural elements to enhance the “look” of the show.

Having created and developed cutting-edge, below-the-line software for the industry, she was invited to be on the advisory committee’s Mulit-Media Art’s division for an LA based college for three consecutive years.

She continues to mentor art and film students. A citizen of both the USA and Canada, Carmi has worked on projects in many major cities and locations throughout the North American continent.

Enjoy the show!